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Thing to consider when looking for Customized Jewelry

Thing to consider when looking for Customized Jewelry

When you want to show individuality with your accessories, you can opt to have custom designed jewelry. Whatever jewelry you are looking for and whatever custom style you want, you can have it created for you. Whether it is a bracelet, a ring or a necklace you want, it will be possible. However, to ensure that you have the desired jewelry, it’s imperative that you consider several things.

  • Work with Professional Jewelers

One of the best decisions to make is to work with a professional jeweler. An expert jewellery Melbourne company will understand your ideas, what you are picturing in your mind and the end result that you desire. With this, they can give you a customized jewelry that will make you standout. 

  • Do Research on Trendy Patterns

Even with trendy patterns, you can have a customized jewelry that meets your taste. It does not have to be what everybody else has. You will be inspired by numerous designs to come with a unique and appealing jewelry. From here, you can work with a professional designer depending on your tastes. Whether literature inspires you, you like the latest trends, history or beauty inspires you, there will be numerous options for you. 

  • Remember the Details

You need to consider the details of the jewelry. Do diamonds or gem-quality minerals appeal to you more than colored gemstones? Do you prefer sterling silver, titanium or platinum? Have the gemstones, the style and the metals you prefer in mind. This will help the jewelry design in narrowing down on your preferences.

  • Have a Sketch 

Having a sketch is important as it gives the jewelry designer more insight on what you prefer. You can just design it using your hand and the designer can work it around refining where necessary. They do this to ensure that the best results are achieved, the jewelry looks good, it’s wearable, it’s of the right weight and size.

  • Learn More about 

There is a lot of jargon when it comes to designer jewelry. There are things that you need to learn which you can do before visiting a designer. Get to know what clarity means, carat, cut and color. These are known as 4Cs. It helps as you will make an informed decision.

Custom design jewelry show your individualism and it’s a good way to standout. Learn about the jargon, have a sketch, keep the details you want somewhere and work with a professional designer.

Design Trends That Will Keep Users Coming To Your Website

Design Trends That Will Keep Users Coming To Your Website

In web design, trends keep changing and as you design a website, it helps to keep up with trends. The website will not look outdated and it helps in attracting more audiences. Customers spend time browsing for information and if the website looks outdated, you are guaranteed that you will push them away. Keep up with website design trends and you will be attracting more traffic.

  • Use of Overlapping Elements

One trend that enhances the appearance of a website is the use of overlapping elements. It’s amazing the kind of visual interest that this design can bring when it is perfectly done. Due to the risk of frustrating and confusing users, this should be done by a professional web-designer. They know how to execute it properly to bring out the best website possible.

  • Use of Rounded Corners

This is a current trend in web design that has gained popularity in a significant way. As one reads through the website, they continue without pausing since it’s easy for them to process information when the corners are round rather than when they have sharp edges.

  • Video Backgrounds

This might sound impossible but it is happening. It is a trend that is widely being adopted by web designers. People love visual engagement and this has a positive effect as more and more people prefer watching rather than reading through. Users tend to spend more time on the website and with video backgrounds, it’s easy for a business to increase engagement with users. 

  • Working on a Mobile-First Perspective 

Most people are using their smartphones to visit websites. This is because it’s easy to carry a phone and access information from wherever they are. When users have a good experience with a site on their smartphone, they have more reasons to stay on the site and visit it more often. The site should be compatible with all devices and ensure that users access information as if they are using a computer.

To build an outstanding website that will keep audiences coming back, current trends will go a long way. From video backgrounds, rounded corners, mobile-first perspective to use of overlapping elements, these are some of the current trends that should be used in web designing today. These aspects greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of the website and working with a professional web designer will help in achieving the best possible site.

Some of the Things to Consider When Planning the Design of Your Home

Some of the Things to Consider When Planning the Design of Your Home

If you are planning to build or buy a home, you already have the design in your mind. You always imagine how great that home will look like. Despite having an idea of what they want, most people seek the assistance of professionals. This comes at a cost and before you can contact a professional, it is important that you consider some things.

  • Consider the Local Laws

You need to know about acceptable standards and zoning laws. You do not want to get into trouble with the authorities. As you check on these laws, it’s paramount that you are sure about the structural specifications that must be adhered to during construction.

  • Do a Proper Research on the Home Design

This can be a daunting task. It’s tiresome and demanding because you need to evaluate the negatives and the positives of the design that you choose. Before you can design, you need to know what and how you want that home. 

Some of these things to consider include the number of rooms, the kind of bathrooms, a garage, living area, dining rooms, laundry area, kitchen features, and even the landscape. You need to have a home that you will not regret in future for not considering some things thus you should do proper research.

  • Consider the Size of the Land

This is another thing that you need to do in any home design. You might design a home that is too big for the available or too small. This involves a lot of things such as whether you will need a big backyard, you will want a garden and how you would like the landscape to be. The house must be proportional to the available space.

  • Work With Your Budget

Some home designs can be quite expensive and go beyond your budget. Everyone wants a lavish and huge home but this is not always possible. Outline your budget and design the home based on how you will afford the construction. Instead of adjusting your budget or servicing a mortgage for years to come, you can adjust the design of your home.

There are plenty of home designs that you can choose from today depending on your preference. The beauty of this is that a house design can be customized to your liking. Once you have a detailed plan of how you want the home to be, a professional will help you perfect it.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Image

Choosing the Right Color for Your Image

Fashion is ever evolving and what was fashionable five years ago is no longer fashionable and you will find that what was fashionable in the 80’s is fashionable today. In spite of fashion ever evolving and how important it is to keep up with the current trends, it’s essential that you choose your colors wisely. Your color choice says much about your personality and its effects will last longer than you may perceive.

Why is Color So Important?

Color is important in fashion in all aspects. It has an impact on your personality, your shape, your emotions and your overall appearance. The color that you choose to wear will have a huge effect on your emotions. It influences how you feel. A bright color could boost your moods while dull colors dampen them. You may not realize it but this is the case.

How do you choose a Color That Fits?

Some people will look good in bright colors while others tend to look better in neutral colors. Keeping up with fashion means that you are also able to choose the most suitable colors for yourself. If you are not sure about this, experiment with different colors in different designs while keeping your natural coloring in mind. Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing your colors are:-

  • Your eye color
  • Your skin tone
  • Your hair color

Nevertheless, you should also factor in the time of the year such as some colors will look good on you during winter rather than in summer. The location you are in is crucial since the colors of the surroundings will also have an effect on your fashion. The occasion you are attending and your age also matters when you are choosing your colors.

Get Professional Help

May be you do not seem to find the right color combinations for yourself. Do not despair since if you can afford to consult a professional image consultant, you will get the help that you need.

The good thing about fashion is that you are not limited to colors that you can choose from. You should input your creativity in your color choice. If individual colors do not bring out the best in you, go for certain color combinations.

Wearing the right colors improves your overall appearance, boosts your confidence and gives an unforgettable impact to those you meet. The right color combination is also a significant way to stay fashionable without struggling.

Building an Ideal Garden Shed for Your Home

Building an Ideal Garden Shed for Your Home

There some house items that you are probably attached to. You do not want to dispose them off but then again they seem to be an eyesore in the house. When you have an entire home with a garden, it becomes easy to store these items. One of the best ways to do so is to have a garden shed. The big question is how you need to have the best design, size and how to make it presentable. 

Know What You Want

The first thing is knowing what you want. From the size of the garden shed to where you want it located, you should have all this in mind. Get the right material and if you cannot do it yourself, get a reputable handyman. 

Have a Design

Having a design is important and the best thing about this is you do not need to be an expert. You also do not want it to be an eyesore or fail to match with the theme of your home. Having an idea and drawing it on a piece of paper will be of great significance. Even when an architect or designer comes to you, they will ask you how you want it done before they can give you a quotation. 

Consider the Location

You have the most ideal location of the garden shed in mind. It cannot be placed just anywhere. With the strategic location in mind as well as the size of the shed, it will be easier to have it designed. 

The Materials Needed

Just like garden sheds come in different designs, there are different kinds of materials that you can use. You need to have an idea of the kinds of materials you want. In addition to the materials, have a budget that you can work with. 

Why Hire a Skilled Carpenter 

Your garden shed has to be well-designed. It’s outdoor and it significantly contributes to how you home looks like. Besides having an appealing final product, you will also have a sturdy garden shed to store your items. They will also give you the best ideas for your home. 

Benefits of Designing Your Own Garden Shed

The one benefit of designing your own garden shed is the fact that there are no limitations. Whatever colors you want to use or however much you want to customize it, there are no limitations. You can have the shed that you have always wanted with a little creativity. 

The design that you draft should match your requirements. It’s important that you know what you are planning to store in the garden shed to ensure that the space is sufficient. Have it well-planned and worked on by a skillful person. The good thing about designing is that there are plenty of designs that you can choose from. 

Lunch Boxes: Let’s show some creativity

Lunch Boxes: Let’s show some creativity

Yup, whether is if, for your children or yourself, lunchboxes can be dreadfully boring. Both to make and to eat. Every morning you get up and half asleep, create something more or less eatable. We know you do your best, best getting creative or making something special takes time. Or so you’d think. Here are some creative and quick ways to make the process of lunch boxing easier.

Buy a Bento Box

Originating in Japan, the Bento box is a simple and quick way to make a lunch box more interesting. It is separated into parts, giving you the opportunity to pack different flavors and textures all in one. Similar to a Fondue plate, the different spaces allow you to get creative without much more effort.

Ideas we suggest:

  • Veggie-dips
    Cut different vegetables such as carrots, cucumber or celery into sticks. In the different compartments of the box, add different salsas and dips to your liking.
  • Full Menu
    A bento box has different compartments. Why not take different courses? One compartment could be filled with a BLT-sandwich, one with sliced fruits, one with nuts. The sky is the limit

Meal Prepping

Yes, you have heard it a million times, but my goodness it makes likes easier. Take a day where you have more time, like Sunday. Choose a meal that is healthy and you know you enjoy and cook for several days. Prepackage and voila. No one said it was necessary you do it all in the morning. Prepare and make your life easier. Most meals last four days in the refrigerator, why hassle in the morning?

Don’t want to eat the same thing four days in a row? I hear you! Make something as a base and add different things for every day.

For example Salsa Bolognese. Make a big batch of sauce and combine it with ever new ingredients. One day it may be bread as a form of a dip, one day it may be chicken and the next with rice. The combination is key.


Prepare the night before

Alright, bento box not found and meal prepping not your thing. That’ ok! But why hassle in the morning? No matter if a sandwich or a cooked meal, preparation makes life easier. Prepare your lunch in the evening, when you are at home with no time ticking away in your ear about when to leave. Having your lunch ready to go gives you extra time in the morning for the things that matter: whether it is your kids, your makeup or quickly reading through that presentation again. Take a load off, mornings are hard enough!


Yes, salads. Before you roll your eyes and click away, Salads can be as fun or as boring as you’d like. In general, they are quick to make, versatile and as a plus point, healthy! Add potato, dressing, veggies – grilled, raw or otherwise, that is all up to you. General rule:
Green Add some color – carrot, tomato, radishes  Protein – chicken, egg, minced meat, bacon
Carbos – crouton, leftover pasta, rice.

The point is: get creative with it and you will see Salads aren’t half as bad as you may think!

Interesting ways to boost your creativity in business

Interesting ways to boost your creativity in business

As a business owner, if you want to want to grow to new heights, make more money and dominate your industry, you have to be creative. You level of creativity will often determine how you will handle problems and challenges that may come your way.

Creativity often means coming up with an idea that nobody has thought or tried out. In this article, we are going to be looking for some interesting ways you can improve your creativity.



If you want to be more creative, you have to consume different types of materials on a regular basis. Doing this will make it easier for you to see things from a different perspective and come up with innovative ideas.

Take a break

As a business owner, you are likely going to encounter problems and challenges on a regular basis. Grinding away at your challenges is likely not going to yield any result. What you should do therefore is to relax and recharge. Don’t work for long hours without taking a break.

New studies have shown that people come up with brilliant ideas when they are walking than when they are sitting or lying down. Mindfulness has often been linked to creativity. So, if you practice mindfulness, you are likely going to be more productive and creative.

Time pressure

Most people perform very well when they are under serious pressure or when their back is up against the wall. New studies have shown that deadlines make people less productive. And the obvious reason is that they are under pressure and might not be able to think things through. Working in a relaxed environment is likely going to make you more productive and creative.

Change the scene

Many business owners have the notion that they can be creative only in the business environment. Well, that is not entirely true. You see, a change of environment can have a positive impact on your creativity. Take a walk, do something that inspires you.


Failure is not an enemy, but a friend. It shows you things you still have to work on. The way you view failure is definitely going to have a serious impact on your productivity.  Treat failure as a blessing, embrace it.

Final note

In other, for your business to grow to new heights, you need to be creative and come up with innovative ideas to address your challenges. Appling the tip in this article is going to boost your creativity and productivity.

Becoming a design entrepreneur

Becoming a design entrepreneur

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nyone can rent a space, buy some equipment and call themselves a design entrepreneur. The truth is starting a business is a difficult thing to accomplish. Even without the red tape and expenses, statistics show that 90% of startups fail within the first year. Design entrepreneurship is rewarding but full of challenges. One may need a few ‘How-to’ tips along the way.

  1. Make a business plan

When you start out it will be about making ends meet, ultimately you have to make a plan to guide to establishing yourself and achieving business objectives. It will also help you be more organized and make long-term life plans.

  1. Find other ways to make money

Understandably as a startup, you may not make as much money to sustain yourself. In order to concentrate on growing your business and getting clients, you will need to have another way to make ends meet in the meantime.

  1. Market yourself

You will need to master one form of marketing that works for you be it social media, newsletters etc. Because you are just starting out, you can use the visual presentation of your marketing materials as your chance to create a great first impression that lasts.

  1. Have a compelling portfolio

Starting from your internship, take pictures and save all the art you created. It is not enough to simply have been there when a campaign was being put together, you have to take initiative and play key roles in developing concepts, for example offering to create mood boards and adding those to your portfolio.

  1. Be willing to learn

If you get the chance to learn from a more established designer, take it. Read books, take a master class or look up free tutorials on YouTube. In between jobs, find more creative and effective ways to pass the time. Sharpen your skills and learn a few new ones.

  1. Think mutual benefit

Use your network effectively, if you cannot get jobs from them, get jobs with them. Think of ways you can work together combining different services to offer customers more unique services. For example, photographers can partner with fashion designers and both can showcase each other’s work on their platform increasing exposure and increase chances of getting booking and inquiries.

  1. Find your niche

There is a market for any product you can think of if it provides a valuable service. Because art is subjective designers do not need to appeal to the masses in order to sell and have clients. So do not be afraid to tackle niche markets, this will also help you focus your marketing efforts, rather than casting a wide net which is more likely to collide with other wide nets of a similar nature e.g. an interior designer who works exclusively with luxury apartments only or a photographer who only shoots weddings. This doesn’t mean that you don’t pursue all your other ideas, only that you prioritize and focus your efforts on areas you are more knowledgeable in.

Managing Design Projects Effectively Without Stress

Managing Design Projects Effectively Without Stress

In doing projects, there will always be times that you will get stressed at a point. Stress will always be there despite you wanting to not let it be with you. But people have their own way of making their work unstressful so that they can do the job with ease. Let me discuss with you ways on how to manage stress when working on projects. Here are four ways on how to manage your design projects effectively without stress.

Plan on What to do on Your Project

In doing this, you have a good idea of how the project will be made. Set an appointment with clients and talk to them to get things done. Set expectations on how the project will be made. Know the budget, space and the client well. This way you will have a clear vision of how the design will unfold. Keep your expectations at reach. You can’t have an expectation on your plan that cannot be done by you. That way you won’t be having a hard time meeting your goal.

Give a Specific Time for Every Part of the Job

In this way, you can have time for everything. You can also have free time if you a lot a time for leisure. This way you will work at and within the given time. Let every part of the project have a definite time give you rest after every part if you put time into it. This way if you feel a bit stressed after every work you can have time to relax. And when you relax you will feel unstressed. This will make you more eager to get the other jobs done.

Give a Clear Goal

Always have a goal in mind even if it’s just simple goals for every part of the project. Have an overall goal as well. Having simple goals for every part will make you more determined to do the other. Setting small goals will give you positivity since every step you take will make you happy that you’ve finished it. This will make you want to finish the next one thinking in every end you can have rest. This is because you have finished a goal at a specific time.

Give Boundaries

Give your clients time on when you’re are available and when you are not. Like when you are available from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm. Just like giving a specific time to every part of your project this will give you time for your work and time for rest.

When it comes to emails, they will know when you are ready to reply or when you are away from your computer or laptop. In setting an appointment, this will let the clients know when you can talk or meet up with them and when you are not available.

All kinds of work have stress at a point but we just have to know how to manage it well. These are four out of many ways on how to be not stressed when doing a project. All of us just need to have rest at some point to be away from stressful times.

The Changing Role and Nature of Design

The Changing Role and Nature of Design

Similar to the changing role of designers and design in modern arts, the role of design practice and its nature is also changing. The design is not only limited to industrial and production. There is an increasing importance of design in future casting.  The dynamic changes in the contemporary arts are primarily due to the increasing creativity. Creativity is an integral component of the contemporary arts. The changing dynamics in modern arts has led to the emergence of new ideas. Moreover, they are major determinants of how people will live in future.

Why Adopt a Collaborative Strategy?

Today, a collaborative approach is critical in design. It is the principle upon which a more efficient design and creativity in the art will then be possible. Also, the integration of a collaborative strategy in the contemporary arts/design helps in illuminating individual perceptions.

With a more collaborative approach in art, it is easier to share new ideas and enhance teamwork essential for promoting innovation.  Understanding the changing needs of people have remained the first principle for designers. In this regard, developers must comprehend what and why certain designs are preferred. With this in mind, designers will work to develop the products that will satisfy consumer needs.

Importance of Understanding Trends

It is important for designers to understand the constant changes in pattern and trends in design.  Moreover, designers must acknowledge the increased creativity in the contemporary arts. With this in mind, designers should remain focused to generate new ideas. The innovative ideas will help them to stay within the wave of constant shifts.

Designers should integrate various disciplines in design to build on their knowledge and skills. These disciplines include; service design, innovation management, consumer-centered design and interaction design. The increasing creativity in design has triggered significant developments in the design of services. The growth of these discipline in spite of the rising complexity of the problems caused by the change from manufacturing to experience economy.

Social and Cultural Paradigms

The contemporary art and design particularly the interior design is linked to the social and cultural standards. Among critical aspects of changing design is the approach used by designers and the effects that changing domestic routines have in the contemporary design. Given the intensity of these elements, designers must integrate collaborative approach to enhance their creativity.

Today, it is much easier for designers to share ideas across cultural and social boundaries with the use of technology. Creativity as a critical aspect of the contemporary arts has continued to thrive with the growing social links through which designers generate and share innovation.

In conclusion, the rapid growth in arts triggered by increasing creativity and emerging trends in design has increased the role of designers. A collaborative approach in design is increasingly becoming a critical pillar that reinforces creativity and enhanced effectiveness in the development of new forms of arts.

Also, with a collaborative approach to the contemporary design, designers enhance their innovativeness. Moreover, developers can meet the changing market demands in their endeavor to satisfy the consumers.