Lunch Boxes: Let’s show some creativity

Lunch Boxes: Let’s show some creativity

Yup, whether is if, for your children or yourself, lunchboxes can be dreadfully boring. Both to make and to eat. Every morning you get up and half asleep, create something more or less eatable. We know you do your best, best getting creative or making something special takes time. Or so you’d think. Here are some creative and quick ways to make the process of lunch boxing easier.

Buy a Bento Box

Originating in Japan, the Bento box is a simple and quick way to make a lunch box more interesting. It is separated into parts, giving you the opportunity to pack different flavors and textures all in one. Similar to a Fondue plate, the different spaces allow you to get creative without much more effort.

Ideas we suggest:

  • Veggie-dips
    Cut different vegetables such as carrots, cucumber or celery into sticks. In the different compartments of the box, add different salsas and dips to your liking.
  • Full Menu
    A bento box has different compartments. Why not take different courses? One compartment could be filled with a BLT-sandwich, one with sliced fruits, one with nuts. The sky is the limit

Meal Prepping

Yes, you have heard it a million times, but my goodness it makes likes easier. Take a day where you have more time, like Sunday. Choose a meal that is healthy and you know you enjoy and cook for several days. Prepackage and voila. No one said it was necessary you do it all in the morning. Prepare and make your life easier. Most meals last four days in the refrigerator, why hassle in the morning?

Don’t want to eat the same thing four days in a row? I hear you! Make something as a base and add different things for every day.

For example Salsa Bolognese. Make a big batch of sauce and combine it with ever new ingredients. One day it may be bread as a form of a dip, one day it may be chicken and the next with rice. The combination is key.


Prepare the night before

Alright, bento box not found and meal prepping not your thing. That’ ok! But why hassle in the morning? No matter if a sandwich or a cooked meal, preparation makes life easier. Prepare your lunch in the evening, when you are at home with no time ticking away in your ear about when to leave. Having your lunch ready to go gives you extra time in the morning for the things that matter: whether it is your kids, your makeup or quickly reading through that presentation again. Take a load off, mornings are hard enough!


Yes, salads. Before you roll your eyes and click away, Salads can be as fun or as boring as you’d like. In general, they are quick to make, versatile and as a plus point, healthy! Add potato, dressing, veggies – grilled, raw or otherwise, that is all up to you. General rule:
Green Add some color – carrot, tomato, radishes  Protein – chicken, egg, minced meat, bacon
Carbos – crouton, leftover pasta, rice.

The point is: get creative with it and you will see Salads aren’t half as bad as you may think!

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